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The Measure of a Man    NEW!

The topic is based on a book entitled "The 600 m.o.l. - Black Helicopter Pilots in Vietnam" written by Dr. Joe Ponds. It is aimed at sharing information about a population of men who engaged in military service to this country with duties involving aviation. The era that this book addresses is one during which there was considerable racial turmoil in America. So, these were stalwart men who entered into a career field dominated by white males who did not readily embrace them. They were very well-trained, determined, and highly motivated professionals. More specifically, the book is about the black helicopter pilots who experienced combat duty in Vietnam, some making the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives, and who certainly have a place in U. S. history. It is also a story of the uncommon fortitude, perseverance, and triumph of black men who were often compelled to fight multiple battles against multiple enemies, for example, the enemy overseas on the battlefield and racial discrimination at home, simultaneously. The path to becoming one of the 600 m.o.l. was certainly a road less traveled.


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