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Experience India    NEW!

Experience India will be a special presentation for the participants to appreciate, explore, experience and learn about various aspects of culture, traditions, history and the arts of India.  The presenter, Dr. Sheni Meghani, grew up in Gujarat, a western province of India and calls USA her home for last 24 years. Her art, a blend of storytelling, singing and painting, is influenced by and is her interpretation of the wonderful stories and songs she heard, sang and danced to as a child growing up in India.  

During this presentation, the participants, without leaving the room, will be taken on a journey to India as Dr. Meghani narrates her travelogue of India through her stories, photographs and songs.   While talking about her recent travel to Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkota in India, Dr. Meghani will offer the audience an insight into the arts, architecture, history, culture and traditions of India.  The audience will have an opportunity to hear Dr. Meghani sing Indian songs, sample various genres of Indian music, taste some Indian food, and marvel at the rich weaves of Indian sari.  The photographs shown during the presentation will take the participants to the monuments, through the streets and into the heart of India.  This interactive presentation will provide ample opportunities for discussion and Q&A.

Participants will have the opportunity to sample the following unique Indian food as part of this presentation:

  • Indian street/fast food - Samosa and Vada Paav 
  • Indian dry snacks
  • Indian sweets



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