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Kitchen Chemistry- Anodizing Niobium to Create Jewelry    NEW!

Kitchen chemistry imageIn this 2-day workshop, students will create beautiful pieces of jewelry in amazing colors using electricity and an ionic bath. This process can easily be accomplished at home by students after class. Niobium is a reactive metal which allows you to create a beautiful oxide layer on its surface creating a rainbow of colors. It can be formed and shaped using simple tools. It is Hypoallergenic and is a perfect material for anyone who has metal sensitivities. Each student will be furnished with enough material to create several pairs of earrings or 1-2 pendants.

Day One: Conceptualize then form and finish each piece. This is when the surfaces will be texturized, edges filed and sanded, and dimension will be created. All finishing must be completed before anodizing.

Day Two: Create all necessary findings and connections. Finally, using electricity, anodize your pieces in the colors you choose.

Students should bring 10 (ten) 9-V batteries. These will be necessary for the anodizing process. Instructor will provide all other supplies and materials for a $25 materials fee.


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