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Art History Topics surrounding the study of the history and development of painting, sculpture, and the other visual arts.

Art Workshops Courses in this category refer to in-depth art topics generally offered as hands-on technique training spanning multiple days.

Drawing Classes related to the art of producing pictures with pens, pencils, or similar tools.

Glass These classes relate to artistic or craft production when the principal medium is glass.

Handicrafts Projects and techniques related to making decorative objects by hand.

Jewelry Classes that include the construction of wearable art.

Needlecrafts Courses that center on the use of threads, yarns or other textiles using traditional tools.

Painting categories - creative expression of art by applying a pigment to a surface.

Acrylic/Oils Painting techniques using Acrylic or Oil-based pigments.

Ceramics/China Projects related to painting on these types of surfaces.

Mixed Media These classes include projects that utilize multiple media forms.

Watercolor Painting techniques using Watercolor pigments.

Paper Crafts Classes showing techniques used to create craft items using paper.

Photography Topics include the taking, editing and processing of photographs.

Pottery & Sculpture Classes center on techniques using solid materials that are shaped or carved by hand or with hand tools.


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